"2000 Mules": have you watched it?

Have you watched “2000 Mules”, the Dinesh D’Souza documentary film on the Election Fraud and ballot trafficking?

Have you watched “2000 Mules”?
Your thoughts about the movie?

Added later:

1.- there is also an interview with “True the Vote” Catherine Engelbrecht, very interesting: https://rumble.com/v12u99i-catherine-engelbrecht-public-about-to-see-evidence-of-plot-to-steal-2020-el.html (sorry, Substack does not allow the embedding of Rumble video)

2.- Rudy Giuliani interview with Dinesh D’Souza about “2000 Mules” - just published:

Official Link to the movie “2000 Mules”, and how to watch it: https://2000mules.com
”2000 Mules” premiered in 270 movie theaters nationwide on May 2.

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